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Dark-matter the stuff that mysteries are made of.


The secretary hurried along the corridor, she was on her way to see her boss with some bad news.

When she told her boss, he could hardly believe his ears.

"Are you telling me they both cutout. At the same time?"

She was informing her boss that two of the company's communication satellites had failed within minutes of each other, her colleagues were trying to find out what went wrong but as yet had failed to find anything at all.

The puzzling thing was that each satellite was a totally separate entity and not connected in any way to any of the others, it could be just coincidence but that was highly unlikely.

"Have we informed Glosat that we have a couple of dead birds?"

"Yes, sir. That is number two on the checklist they knew almost as soon as we did."

Glosat is the international satellite monitoring organisation set up by the United Nations to keep an overview of all civilian operations.

"The engineers say there is a good chance they can get Ts5 back online fairly quickly because it has the latest backup and recovery system, the news is not so good for the older satellite Jx7 but they are trying a workaround"

"What are the prospects of that working?"

"I only know that it is not completely dead, and they are in communication through its internal radio, if it has got power, they may be able to reprogram it to get it back on line."

They watched as a fax machine delivered a message.

He read the message before passing it over to her.

"I can hardly believe it. 16 satellites all in the same area and all going down like dominoes, there is something strange going on here, but at least we are not the only company in trouble."

"Is it all right to tell the engineers about this Glosat report?" she asked.

"Yes, go spread the word, see if anybody has got any ideas why they cutout"


Chapter 2 The NASA meeting.

The meeting was called to order and the Chairman's dramatic words made everyone sit up and take notice.

" Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you now, we are under attack, and we have to find out why our satellites are falling out of the sky."

There was pandemonium, everybody started talking at once and a dozen questions were hurled at the Chairman.

The deputy Chairman stood up, " I think it is time to quote an old Chinese proverb which says, "nothing is as bad as it first seems." And such is the case here, let me tell you what the Glosat report contains.

Yesterday On 23rd December 2017, between 15:30 hours and 15.37 GMT, a total of 16 commercial satellites suffered some sort of interference or malfunction.

The stability of the satellites is not in question, although some of the antenna had to be realigned.

The regions of the Earth affected by this mysterious anomaly stretch from Poland in the East, Westward across Europe and out into the Atlantic.

Engineers from the various companies are attempting to get the satellites back into service and have succeeded in reprogramming some of the more modern satellites.

The Chairman called the meeting to order and then made the following statement

"I am not taking any questions, you now know as much as we do, we will reconvene again tomorrow at 9 AM, in the meantime, we want you to gather as much information as you can on any anomalies that have occurred and been reported in your diverse specialisations.

Amongst the conversations from the dispersing members a bystander would have picked out such words as, earthquake, terrorist, extra-terrestrial and world's end

End of sample.

There is very much more information on this mystery and how it is resolved in my book called Dark-matter which you can purchase here for just £15

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