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Recreational drugs

Just say NO

We are all aware of recreational drugs, and we know that they are to be avoided like the plague, that is why you should adopt your own personal motto “ I just said no”, these recreational drugs are covered on a separate page called drugs just click the link above.


Drugs Withdrawn

Dangerous drugs withdrawn

Despite rigorous drugs testing and long-term trials of the safety of medicines, unfortunately pharmaceutical companies sometimes produce medicines that are deemed safe.

Over time they proved to have damaging effects on the health of the people that take them or their offspring.

Great care is taken to avoid this and mistakes are rare, but when they occur they can be very damaging.  It is a good policy and practice to take as little medicine as you need to keep you healthy.

You should consult with your specialist or Doctor before starting or changing your medication, some people have a fear of going to the doctors but the fact is.

The Doctor cannot make you any worse and if you have a complaint it is better to know about it and get treatment, ignoring your symptoms can lead to much more serious consequences.

You must be frank with your Doctor he cannot treat you properly if he doesn’t know your history and what medicines you are taking at the moment, many prescriptions have interactions with other medicines and if taken together are not beneficial and can be damaging.

A case which drew worldwide controversy was the use of Thalidomide this was prescribed to pregnant women to control morning sickness.

This was first available in the 1958 and shortly after it was noted for the number of birth defects in the children of these mothers, a few months later it was withdrawn and warnings issued.

There were thousands of babies that had already suffered the ill effects.

These cases are well documented and the company paid out many millions of pounds in compensation to the victims and their families.

The authorities have improved the safety controls in operation these days and are constantly reviewing the rules and regulations which control the safety of our medicines 

Some people decry the use of animals for the testing of new products, if you wish to comment on this situation you are quite welcome to do so here.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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