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Firemoon, please don't try this at home


A short story about one of life's little mysteries or maybe it's a big mystery, it is possible, and you cannot prove that it didn't happen just like this, Anyway it's a good read.



Chapter 1. Introduction The boys were living in an apartment; and had been together for several years now, Caleb is a teacher at the nearby university prep school and his friend Ben was a software engineer and well-respected in his profession, he worked from home most of the time except when he had to go in to his company’s head office. After they had eaten in the evenings they were quite happy to sit and chat and reminisce on how their days had gone, Caleb remarked “unusually cold the last few days” He was puzzled because they lived in a climate controlled environment where the temperature was supposed to change only to a limited degree every day. Ben commented “well I know what is controlling

the climate, I visited the master computers only a couple of months ago, it’s a very impressive set up I’ve never seen anything like it before, they are supposed to run on some form of quantum computing.” “How can that be” said Caleb “they say they were installed hundreds of years ago by some strange alien race that came to save the planet, the historical records show that our climate was rapidly cooling because our sun was dying and not putting out as much heat as it had in the past.”

End of sample

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