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No-more-obesity is a fictional novel by James Dolittle but the fiction of to-day is often tomorrows reality. Here is a sample to get you hooked.


Later that evening Tom was deep in thought, the idea had come to him after dinner as he looked around the table at his family and he realised,

that every one of them was overweight, they had never restricted

the children’s sugar intake but he realised it was too late to

worry about that now, he wanted a new and better high-tech

solution. He had witnessed the power of nano particles to control

chemical processes and he wondered if he could devise a nano

particle that would control the digestive system. Without any


The more Tom

thought about it the more excited he got, he realised that human

digestive was just another chemical process and a well understood

at that, he started to frantically scribble notes as he sat at his

desk; his first thought as always when he was analysing a problem

was to write down what it was he was trying to achieve, the basic

objective was to lose weight whilst keeping the subjects fit and

healthy, he knew that the nano carriers were extremely small and

will pass through the digestive system with no problem, he could

start with some empty carriers as a first test on the system, it

came to him in a flash that he was actually thinking of carrying

out experiments on his own family, and himself of course.

He then spent

some time thinking of the possible dangers that would be discovered

during the testing period, but he was confident he would be in

control and supervising every step of the way, but to be on the

safe side he would only use the nano carriers on himself; there

wereplenty of empty nano carriers in the labs, they used them

practically every day, they were like the carrier bags of the

trade, he made a decision there and then that tomorrow he would

doctor his morning coffee with a pinch of nano carriers.

He knew that

doctors were delivering hundreds of different drugs to patients

using these nano carriers so he came to the conclusion that there

was a zero risk, and he started thinking about the problem of what

he was going to load the carriers with to make the subjects safely

lose weight, it didn’t need to be too drastic, in fact if it was

slow acting it would give him time to study the effects over a

reasonable period and how was he going to study the effects, he

could hardly treat his family like laboratory animals.

The solution

came to him a little later, one of Charles’s friends had suffered a

nasty accident on the football field and was in hospital with a

very complicated fracture of his leg, and by sheer chance he was

about 10 kg overweight, he was being supervised 24 hours a day and

his vital signs recorded regularly, he could make the excuse that

he was concerned because he thought his son Charles might have

caused the accident, if he could convince the staff at the hospital

that this was the case he would be home and dry.

Tom realised

he was gathering possible subjects, or are they victims, but he had

absolutely no idea what the treatment was going to be, he knew that

he could use the nano particles that were known to be cleared out

of the human system in a matter of a few hours, he had some

research and studying to do.

Over the next

two weeks he had administered hundreds of nano carriers to many

people including family and workmates with no ill effects

whatsoever he was not surprised, they were designed to dissolve in

the stomach with just a little harmless residue, with the help of

the nurse that was monitoring the boy in the hospital who was

unsurprisingly putting on a little weight, he had co-opted Gill

into his little skulduggery mainly because she had greater access

to the children’s food he just told her he was conducting a

harmless experiment.

Chapter 3 Talking


One evening

after dinner the children were doing their homework and Susan


“How many

pounds in a kilogram dad”


“I think we

should do a little experiment to put this to practical use” said


“What did you

have in mind?” Asked Susan excitedly

“Well I saw

some new scales advertised that are clever enough to work out who

you are and speak your weight”

“What so when

you get on they say good morning Susan your weight is 5.3 kg”

“Well better

than that, you can program them to do all sorts of things and they

are guaranteed never to say one at a time please” joked Tom

“You will have

to get one of those” laughed Susan

“And I’ll tell

you what said Jane and that is, you can’t always sometimes tell

what’s least expected most”

when they

finished laughing Gill said

“And where did

you get that from young lady”

“A boy in the

English class” Jane replied

What was more

useful to Tom was the fact that the scales also recorded everyone’s

weight and this could be downloaded into Tom’s computer, he was

intrigued by the possibilities of the numerous uses he could put

this to.

At work Tom

was spending more and more time in the human biology laboratory and

learning a lot about what they were doing to cure disease and

correct conditions in the stomach and he was pleased that he

couldn’t find any research connected with weight loss, he couldn’t

ask any direct questions on the subject as this would give away the

purpose of his interest there, he was learning a lot from the

trials particularly from the side-effects of the various treatments

some of which included weight loss.

“You will have

to suggest that Mrs Wicks gets one of those scales”

Tom commented

“I don’t understand who is Mrs Wicks”

End of sample

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