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Earthquake Aftershocks

Latest Picture above is of Disaster in Nepal

Aftershocks are those smaller tremors that sometimes happen for days or weeks after a major earthquake they are not as serious but you need to take precautions against falling masonry that has been damaged in the major earthquake.

They can also continue to agitate the ground and sometimes cause liquefaction, this is where the agitated some soil turns more liquid and comes up through cracks in the surface level, this agitation of the subsoil can also cause sinkholes to appear and if these are filled with the liquefaction they can be very dangerous, swallowing your vehicles.

Earthquake is one of the geological threats that can steal any moments of our life because it can occur any time without any notice. A little knowledge and some safety tips can enormously increase your chances of surviving an earthquake.

We should educate ourselves and our family for we might not be there to protect our love ones and our family when aftershocks strike.we will give you safety tips below that can make a life-saving difference if you or your family is in an earthquake situation.

We advise you to always be aware that earthquakes can happen at any time. Be ready all the time and always stay calm and remember the safety tips

Take particular note of your animals and watch for any strange behavior, they are better able to sense strange sounds and vibration like aftershocks and can often warn you when danger threatens.

My sister would always remind me that when an earthquake happens and she is not there to protect me to always consider protecting myself from falling objects by covering myself with a strong table, chair or any hard object.

When I was a teenager and an earthquake strikes while I was cooking my sister shouted to me “turn off the stove” and if you still have time turn off the gas and electricity supplies main switch.

If you are outdoors, you are advised not to panic,  move to an open area where you think there are no falling objects and stay away from buildings, power lines and trees.

My dad has been a taxi driver for 20 years, I remember my mom always reminding my dad that if he is driving during an earthquake, he should slow down smoothly and stop on the side of the road and avoid bridges, overpasses, power lines, trees and large signs.

·When an earthquake stops there is a very important thing that we advise you that there is a possibility that a tsunami might happen so stay alert and be prepared, grab your grab-bag, first aid bag and your battery operated radio.

Keep yourself updated with the news, if you live near the sea watch for signs of the water suddenly receding as this is a sure sign that a big wave is coming, if you see this get to a higher location immediately. 

Check the damage to your house before entering to avoid injuries.

An earthquake can occur at any time but with  our experienced safety tips you will always be better able to cope with any emergency.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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