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This is as relevant today as when it was first issued

ARSON Precautions

Arson Safety Advice

Arson Attacks will most likely to happen during periods of civil unrest but if it is the work of some mentally ill individual it is unlikely that you will be the first victim; you should keep up to date with the local news and be aware of any such attacks in your neighborhood.

We advise that you should have at least one fire extinguisher, but you should not keep it in the hallway, you should also have a fire blanket and a first aid box.

You should discuss the situation with the family and revise your emergency burns and emergency evacuation procedures, if you have been threatened by any human you should inform the police immediately

Give the police as much information as you can including how the threat was delivered, if by telephone did you recognize the voice or have any idea who it was, if it was by letter handle it as little as possible and pass it on to the police, the motivation could be personal, political or racial in any event they will want to know as much information as you can give them.

Check your fire insurance is up to date and take photographs in case you need to claim also it is a good idea and recommended by Buzcall.com that you keep your important documents and your valuables securely in the bank.

As well as Humans you should consider the safety of any animals what you may have and it is a good idea to place a bucket of water under the letterbox in or by the front door, if you can set up a video camera to capture the approach to the front of the house it may prove useful.

Another good idea that Buzcall.Com suggests is that you take a video of the outside of the house back and front and also the inside rooms so that you have a record for insurance purposes, you should also ensure that your garden shed is well secured.

There are some sick people in this world that like to start fires. They are mentally ill, they are called pyromaniacs that usually operate in their local area, so keep your eye on the local news.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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