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Volcanic Ash-Cloud

Dec 6th 2017 Bali ash cloud

This is the problem with flying over volcanos

Volcanic ash-clouds and gas that are ejected during an eruption can soar up into the upper atmosphere where the strong winds carry them around the earth for many miles, the gas gives us atmospheric pollution and the ash eventually falls back to earth, close to the volcano this falling material can be destructive and disruptive of human and animal activity, sometimes being so heavy that it actually destroys buildings, and if the fall continues the accumulated debris can bury whole towns.

Famous for its enormous discharge and disruption of commercial airline flights the Alaskan volcanoes have recently hit the headlines, and unfortunately there is a promise of worse to come, not long ago mount Pinatubo in the Philippines produced such a heavy fall and massive disruption resulted, there was a mass evacuation of thousands of people including the closing of an American Air force base.

Historically the event most recorded is the destruction of the town of Pompeii with the inhabitants cremation and preservation of quite a lot of its population, some of which is still being excavated to this day, my opinion is that this was more of a Pyroclastic flow than a gentle falling as the residents of the town appeared to be caught totally unaware.

The falling of this ash-cloud material is not all bad, and is not long before nature covers these vast fields of new soil with a new growth of vegetation, because it is very fertile soil the local farmers are quite quick to take advantage of this mineral rich new topsoil, after the initial upheaval heavier and better crops can be produced with no artificial fertilizers, this is quite approval of the balance of nature, what it takes away with one hand it gives back with the other.

Earthquakes are very difficult to predict, sometimes we get what is called an earthquake swarm with lots of rumbling and small quakes in a localized area, even so it is almost impossible to forecast what will happen next, volcanoes are a little easier and by monitoring the gas in and around the crater changes in the gas concentration can give you a clue about a forthcoming eruption.

Try not to be caught off guard  keep your eye on the local news reports and prepare as well as you can and don't forget your grab-bag

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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