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June 16th 2017

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The rest of the world needs your help, no, I don't want you to put your hand in your pocket. I'm not asking for money, it's more a question of moral support, no I don't want you to join a protest and stand with a placard outside the town hall, all I am asking you to do, is to let me borrow your finger for not more than half a second.

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Feb 25th 2018

Latest bad news is the climate is getting worse.

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Most people do not like to receive bad-news, and I don’t suppose you are any different, but there are circumstances where receiving bad news is actually very important and welcome, so important in fact that you will be glad to receive it.

Now what if this bad news is something that you are glad to receive, you will be if it is in the form of a warning, on the golf course if you hear the word FORE being shouted this is a warning and it is wise to duck and cover your head, the more general term is LOOKOUT and you immediately try to find out the cause of the shout.

These are just two examples when you are pleased to receive bad-news, if you are on the road and the sign flashes FOG or SLIPPERY ROAD AHEAD you may not be pleased but you are glad that you know about it so that you can take action to prevent an accident.

And there are many more occasions when the bad news you receive you will be glad to receive because it can save you a great deal of trouble and distress in the near future, one situation would be when you are warned about the state of one or more of the tyres on your motor vehicle being in a poor condition such that you should take action in the near future.

And what about the situation when you receive a message indicating that someone you care about is unwell, that is bad news but you will want to know about it so that you can take appropriate action to show that you care about their unfortunate condition.

And then again in the middle of winter when you're relying on your gas-fired central heating to keep you cosy and comfortable when one of the family informs you that the gauge on the gas tank is indicating that it is nearly empty, that's not good news but you are glad you know so that you can take action to order a fresh supply.

Recent advances in surveillance and the latest developments of the Internet and mobile telephones now make it possible for you to receive warnings of impending danger no matter where you are in the world, and because of the speed of modern communications you get this warning within a few minutes of the authorities being aware of the danger and putting out a warning.

We constantly monitor these announcements from all over the globe and the information is passed to our distribution center as quickly as possible.

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