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Blackout no electric

Power Outage/Blackout

July 25th 2017

Now is the time to check your emergency lighting.

You should always know where you can lay your hands on a small torch.

Remember to keep some matches with your candle's

your mobile phone will give you enough light to move around

Power outage or blackout are terms used to describe when the electricity suddenly goes off, it can happen at any time of the day usually this is part of the distribution grid safety network tripping out, the other reasons for this happening are accidents or weather conditions as a rule, but there are a multitude of other reasons.

Hospitals and Computer Centers where a continuous supply is essential have backup generators that automatically cut in with barely a pause in supply, multistory buildings often used backup generators to maintain their elevators in working order, and there are many other uses for backup generators, in the smaller establishments with elevators people get stuck and cannot even opened the doors.

Transport can be in utter chaos with no traffic lights, and no streetlights, pedestrians are milling about all over the place as they try to go about their business, thousands of people marooned in subway trains or out in the country between train stations, an unusual reason for a power outage is a solar flare which can knock out the power grids by overloading the circuits.

Because the demand for electricity varies widely throughout the day and there is no means of actually storing electricity on that scale it has to be generated according to the immediate demand, fine tuning of the generation system is usually done by smaller gas turbine generating units which can be switched quickly and remotely.

Another method of backup generation is pumped water storage, at times of low demand stored water is pumped up to another reservoir at  a higher elevation, with a sudden increase in demand this water can be released through generating turbines almost instantly to balance the supply and demand.

You can prepare yourself for such an emergency with a little forethought, if possible switch on your mobile phone or your laptop, one of these will give you enough light to find your way to your grab-bag which should contain some emergency lighting, you may be even have some decorative candles which you can light up for this emergency, safety matches are another item that we recommend you put in your grab bag

One of the major problems is the difficulty of storing electricity,  but great minds are working on this problem and hopefully they will come to a satisfactory solution, maybe through nanotechnology.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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