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The buzcall story

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The buzcall story and progress into 2018

Seasons Greetings to all my readers

The story of buzcall

In January of 2015 I was supporting a group of children in the Philippines and sending money through a lady helper to feed and support about 30 street children, it was just after the cyclone had devastated the Philippines and they desperately needed help.

I had previously been donating to an organisation called Sight Savers and I realised that I was getting far more satisfaction from donating relatively small amounts of money to these good causes, this got me thinking that maybe I could do a lot more good by building a free website to inform and advise everyone that would listen of the dangers that nature and their fellow men inflict upon them on an almost daily basis.

It took just a few days to find and register a domain name for this new venture, hence www.buzcall.com was born and a few minutes later it was hosted and up and running, and I'm happy to say the total pages viewed in the month of January 2019 exceeded 25,000, and every month sets a new record.

Keeping buzcall up-to-date with the latest news everyday gives me something to do and immense satisfaction and there are always new ideas for new pages on different subjects that I can add as fast as I can write.

But like everything else on the Internet whatever you publish does no good at all if only a few people are aware that this valuable information is there for the taking, so it is very important that the readers of buzcall spread the word in whatever way they can including talking, sharing, sending text messages, if you yourself think it's a useful site that can save misery and even someone's life then please do your bit to make sure everyone you know is aware of buzcall.com.

If you would like to see a new subject covered I am always open to suggestions and will do my best to satisfy your needs, you can write the page yourself should you wish to contribute.

What I would like to see is more of you taking an active part in the distribution of this worthwhile information,

Whereas many people like reading about it if you could just take the trouble to click on the like and the share buttons it would speed the circulation of my website and this life-saving information. Thank you

My first novel is now being distributed around the world.

The title is No More Obesity it is an inspirational work of free thinking fiction listed on Amazon under it's old title of The Magic Formula

But we are all hopeful that the fiction of today will turn into the medicine of tomorrow.


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