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buzcall News, Issue #002 --Information
March 08, 2015
hello Newsletter issue 2 March 1st 2015

Let me tell you about our new website it is designed specifically to tell you if you are likely to be in any danger from any one of a huge list of threats. It is on line now and available in your country, is not free but it is very affordable, you can get onto the system now, registration will always be free we only need your phone number and your location you will never receive any spam or advertisements and we have the approval of the insurance companies, the emergency services and the cooperation of the police forces. The cost to have the full service is just $5 US per month to protect you and your family. Some people say that it is so good it ought to be part of the services provided by the government and who knows perhaps someday it will be, but until that time we will do our best to keep you safe, if you tell us that you would dearly love to be part of the system but you just can’t find the extra coppers we will put you on the list, we do have the approval of some philanthropic societies and although some specify which countries the aid they supply is to be used in, some leave it to our discretion. There is no doubt that nature is becoming more violent and the world and more dangerous place, the spread of Ebola is happening and is going to continue for a long time, but we say knowledge is power, if you have adequate warning you can take appropriate action depending on the threat and your circumstances, no matter what the case is, it’s best to know. This is a not like the Life Insurance that only pays out when you die this is living insurance that is designed to keep you alive as long as possible, you can take out a lifetime membership at a much reduced rate and if you’re passing is unexpectedly soon, one of your beneficiaries can apply to have the membership transferred to them. The really good thing about this is the peace of mind that it gives you, you still have to take normal precautions and look after your health, but you can do this better if you feel that sudden disasters and emergencies are being watched out for by somebody else. If you live away from your loved ones it’s nice to feel that they have a guardian angel watching over them 24 hours a day, built into the system is a process where you can sponsor other people and feel at ease about them. Changing your phone number or location is simple you can do it online as often as you like, so if you’re going on holiday and would like warnings of riptides, jellyfish and even sharks just change your location whilst you are away, but, leave a note at home to change it back. I can’t enthuse enough about this new system but you can judge for yourself just go to any of the pages and Register for free John Newsblast Newsletter issue 1 February 1st 2015

We will advise you on what action to take for all warnings and for practically any emergency that may happen, you will find them all listed on the site together with details on how to prepare and what action you should take when you get a message. We monitor many outside influences constantly and these include everything from climate change to deadly diseases, if any of these dangers are going to impact on your area we can in a matter of seconds send you notification of the impending threat so that you can take appropriate action.

We are all aware that we live in very troubled times, we set up in an effort to ease your worries and woes and try to prepare you for any nasty happening, we realize that it is very difficult to forecast some of the events that we list as threats but we analyze the possibility carefully and use our best judgment to issue messages. We all know that global warming is happening and we are suffering the consequences in the form of more extreme weather conditions; fortunately weather forecasting is becoming more accurate on every front, better communications, more collecting points, satellite observations and faster computers they all help us to be better prepared and more able to cope with these extreme conditions.

If you would like to comment on the interesting information that you can find on the site, or tell your own story we encourage you to do so and you can do this from any group page, the form is at the bottom of the page, we would also like you to make any contributions to the mass of information that is available on this website.

If you find anything that is incorrect or you think can be improved there is also a contribution form so your contribution can be made immediately into a web page, this will be moderated and if deemed suitable published on the web site with accreditation if desired.

There are also other long-term threats that considers, everything from the rising sea levels, the state of the air we breathe, even in some cases countries are actually sinking, and some islands have become uninhabitable, political unrest and financial uncertainties give a very disturbing outlook but with a good information service life is made more tolerable.

We at operate a warning notification service. it is a Worldwide Service and we can provide warnings in several languages and we plan to add more shortly, if you have a phone that we can text or you have access to the Internet we can send you warnings within just a few minutes of the threat materializing.

There is very little that happens in the world that is not immediately announced via the Internet and we have teams monitoring all the information services, and when they perceive a threat they adapt the message so that it is suitable for texting by SMS, then they compose a suitable e- mail.

That done they E-mail this information to our central dispatch who immediately notify all our customers in the danger area, this will be done in a maximum of two or three minutes. To take advantage of this service and improve your overall safety the first step that you need to take is to register for our information service, if you are a worry wart, or you know someone that is, and would like more peace of mind, then I suggest you contribute by making a small monthly payment, there are many advantages to this and the service is very flexible.

There are many ways that you can pay for the service but probably the simplest is a monthly recurring payment by PayPal, credit and debit card transactions are also available, the only charge for this service is just 10 U.S. dollars per month with absolutely no extras. There is no contract to sign you pay once a month if you like it you stay, but you can terminate your subscription any time you wish, you will get welcome messages and you can opt in to our monthly E-zine newsletter which is delivered by e-mail, if you get no other messages from us do not worry and do not dismay, no messages means no problems, so thank your lucky stars.

Please pass this on as much as possible. John

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