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So you're thinking about a car-buying trip, should you buy second-hand, a used car or play safe and buy a new one, let's consider first the purchase of the second-hand car.

Questions you have to ask about the car you're going to buy, how many previous owners, has it got a full service history, is the mileage about right for its age, do you want a car that uses petrol or a diesel car, can you see any obvious damage to the bodywork, has it been in a serious accident, has the chassis been repaired, are you going to get it checked by a local garage, is there oil in the cooling water, will it pass the emissions test, are the tyres in good condition, are they retreads, when were they made, what is the condition of the spare wheel, is there blue smoke in the exhaust, what does the engine sound like, can you get the seller to reduce the purchase price, or replace the tyres,

Do not make any hasty decisions, if any of the above are causing you to have second thoughts it's probably for a good reason, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, it's a good idea to get a second opinion a person with good experience and specialist knowledge could save you making a serious mistake.

car-Buying a new car

This is not something that one does very often, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you get a better deal.

Always wait till close to the end of the month when the salesman is desperate to improve his sales and meet his target, this can make a big difference to the final outcome of your negotiations.

When you walk into the saleroom surrounded by all those shiny new models you will be treated like royalty if they think they can persuade you to buy so foster that belief by making suitable comments such as "I do like this one" or"I love this colour" etc.

You can spend a long time talking about the price when car-buying and you will probably have to put up with the salesman going and talking to his manager several times but eventually they will come up with a figure that may or may not be acceptable to you, do not commit at this point.

Now you can start to negotiate on the servicing deal and the guarantees, you can push for full servicing for a longer time and this applies also to the guarantee period and the mileage that is covered.

Make sure you know all the extras that you normally have to pay for so that you can get as many of these included in your purchase price as free extras, these can include upgraded seats, extra mirrors, floor mats, satellite navigation, radio upgrade, Will it have a full tank of fuel, play it cool and you will be surprised how accommodating a desperate salesman can be.

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