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 Car Preparation Now is the time


Getting your car stuck in the snow with your vehicle can be very frustrating situation but  We will teach you how to be equipped well enough and prepared so when you are in this situation you won’t be clueless and helpless. we will provide a helpful guide for your family to assist you in this situation.

We would like you to consider installing snow tires for your vehicle if you are within an area that experiences severe winters.

Be ready all the time is what we recommend by having a handy grab bag in your vehicle, it should have extra winter clothes, thermal blankets, bottled drinking water, vacuum flask with hot drinks, flashlight with extra batteries dried foods and SALT or cat litter, We recommend ROCK SALT for it is more helpful for melting snow ice.

We suggest that you have these important things in your vehicle all the time, together with a shovel, jack, suitable good tires, a toolkit for breaking snow, windscreen deicing spray, a plastic ice scraper and the best of snow tires you can afford.

When your vehicle is stuck in the snow we advise you to check the tailpipe and clear it by digging away excessive snow and ice, we would like you to remember that you can only start the engine for 5 minutes of every hour.

You should consider that the most helpful way of preventing being stuck in the snow is by putting snow chains on your tires, especially when you are traveling to places that are prone to heavy snow problems.

We would want your family to stay connected all the time especially when it comes in emergency so make sure you have your phones fully charged all the time so you can make a call if you need to be rescued.

We advise you to get premium heavy duty snow-ice-wipers and keep your gas tank full.

We recommend you to drive carefully and slow down when driving in snow or in icing conditions and most important keep yourself updated with the weather forecast and do not leave the house if there is a warning of heavy snow or ice problems.

if you do have an accident, it is important that you and your family are kept safe, therefore, we recommend that your vehicle is scores very highly in the official safety tests.

Look at this page first car-buying

Then go to this site for the official recommendations.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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