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Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit Money

Nov 5th 2017

This is the time of the year when confidence men and tricksters, forgers and dodgy tradesman are usually at their busiest.

Be extra careful and vigilant if it seems like a real bargain and too good to be true, then the chances are it is not a bargain and it is not true.

Counterfeit money used to be one of the easiest ways for tricksters to make money but in modern times it is almost impossible to make a duplicate copy of a modern bank note, whilst electronic copiers have gotten increasingly complex, they fortunately cannot copy the security features that are now built in to more modern Banknotes.

Less developed countries order their bank notes to be printed with the latest technology usually in England, this ensures that their bank note security is the best that can be achieved, making fake coinage is also very difficult as many security features are built into the dies which stamp out the coins.

During the Second World War Germany had a scheme to undermine the British economy by producing many millions of pounds worth of 5 pound English Banknotes, they forced expert forgers imprisoned in the concentration camps to make printing plates, they actually produced truckloads of forged notes, I think the scheme was overtaken by events and not put into operation before the war ended.

These days there are much easier ways of making money by trickery and credit cards offer the golden opportunity for criminals to take your money from you, credit cards get stolen and easily duplicated, they can be copied whilst you are making a normal purchase, and if you buy anything online with a credit card it’s not unlikely that your details are being recorded by fraudsters.

You must put all possible obstacles between these criminals and your money, look at the bank notes used particularly the larger denominations learn how to spot the built in security features, invest if you are handling a lot of money in an ultraviolet scanning device and by a detector pen, this writes in different colors depending on the chemical makeup of the paper, advise your staff to be very vigilant.

A new batch of forged notes is usually issued by distributing to criminal associates who purchase the notes from the forgers at very much under the face value and they are given a time that these notes will start to be used, this introduces the element of surprise given the fact that they can appear all over the country just when the criminals decide.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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