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Criminal Activity

Human Criminal Activity

Criminal activity is a very wide ranging subject and, there are many offenses in law, but the more serious of these are designated as criminal, so if you have activity of this sort you can automatically assume that it is a very serious offence.

A lot of crime is committed by young adults and often results in antisocial behavior it is a common problem throughout the world as these youngsters learn to adopt more adult and sociable behavior, it is a big problem with the procedure of zero tolerance with swift court proceedings suitable sentencing and good aftercare showing promising results.

With more and more young people becoming computer competent there sometimes drawn into experimenting with cyber-crime, hacking into other people’s bank accounts and transferring sums of money for your own use is becoming more common, the Internet is flooded with pornography of all sorts and if these people get involved with child pornography it is a very serious criminal offense.

If you can be prosecuted under the law then you have committed a crime, ignorance of the law is no defense, you are supposed to make yourself aware of all laws of the land, this is not always easy because if you go to a foreign country you have to abide by the law as laid down by that country, and it is very easy to break their laws by what you might consider reasonable behavior.

The handling, the sale, the use and the cultivation of illegal drugs are all considered to be serious crimes, but there are exceptions in some countries throughout the world, and what you can do quite legally in one country will get you into serious trouble in another, you are far better off steering well clear of any illegal drug activity as you will never be able to understand all the rules.

Some people try to make use of fraud for their own benefit, fraud is a complicated subject, it can involve not paying what you should pay such as contributions and taxes, or paying these with other people’s money which you have managed to obtain by trickery, Internet fraud or illegal credit card use, on our scams page there are many scams which confidence tricksters use to obtain money from unsuspecting or greedy individuals.

There is another form of crime which is becoming more widespread and that is known as people trafficking or human trafficking, this is where you persuade through trickery or force, human beings into what is virtual slavery, smuggler’s would take people from one country smuggle them across the border to what the people assume to be a better life, unfortunately once in the hands of the smugglers many people are forced to do things that are not in their best interests.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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