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August 7th 2017

If only we could prevent climate change


We are all was advised to avoid drinking-water-contamination and drink plenty of clean water and this is a good idea if the water you are drinking is not contaminated and unsafe to drink, you may think, just give me clean water.

But actually distilled water is not at all pleasant to drink, it needs some natural minerals to make it palatable.

If you live in a country where you can normally turn on the tap and drink the water you are very fortunate, because not all the world is like this, in many places it is a constant struggle to find fresh water that is fit to drink.

Let us spare a thought for the poor souls living in a hot dry country in the third world, they have no toilets and if no running water and have to rely on wells or contaminated water sources for every drop of water they consume.

They sometimes have to walk miles to fill their containers and miles back carrying their load, a terrible task made worse if you’re not getting enough to eat and are undernourished

There are some charities in the developed countries that are making some efforts to provide assistance, they build toilets, drill wells and if possible pipe in running water.

I believe one of these is called the and I know there are several others which I will happily link to if you provide their details.

The standard of tap water in all countries is not the same, you may go on holiday to a country that has tap water that is tolerable for the locals to drink, but unless you are sure you should drink only bottled water.

Reservoirs are rarely contaminated by humans but it is not uncommon for such things as algae blooms to poison the water particularly in hot weather.

Water companies take great care to deliver to your tap water that is healthy and fit to drink, they use various filtration methods to avoid drinking-water-contamination.

And in some cases they have live fish monitoring the health of the water in special sampling tanks.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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we can advise the World is part of a Global Operation to keep you informed. And tell you what to do to keep you and yours safe.

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