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The authorities will not issue evacuation instructions without very good reason so be sure and listen carefully, heed their warnings and do as they instruct to the best of your ability, they are sure to tell you the reason why they want you to relocate and if you are wise you will have taken some basic precautions in case of such an emergency.

We have given you good advice elsewhere on this web site, let us deal with what you can do to prepare, you should have your grab-bag ready as detailed and you will have prepared your vehicle, you will have trained up your family members with the basic instructions of what to do should you become separated, we detail this in cyclone,, you have arranged a meeting place and discussed a contact far away, the last minute you will mark up the arms of everyone in your family with the contacts telephone number.if you are reading this prior to an emergency then go through the details in the links above,  check your grab-bag,and the preparations you have done for your vehicle. Then click on cyclone and readers sound advice in that article.

You need to get on the road as you possibly can, there will be very many people with the same idea and congestion and traffic jams will become a nightmare. You want to be sure in your own mind that you have done everything that you could to make sure you and your family survive.

As head of the household you have great responsibility, do not panic this will quickly spread to the rest of the family and will lead to confusion with everybody running around achieving little, you have prepared well so feel confident when you get on the road.

Do not be tempted to stop and help others in a less fortunate situation, be selfish, your survival to aid your family is of the utmost importance, if you get held up in traffic you must insist on the family staying together, stay in your car it is the safest place

 If you have prepared as advised by this website you will be very much better off than the hundreds of others that jumped in their cars in panic.  Knowledge is power use it wisely.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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