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Fog over London

A dense fog causes more disruption to traffic flow than probably any other weather pattern.

But fortunately this no longer applies to aircraft and large shipping, with the advent of radar they can proceed unhindered, one day perhaps we will have this facility in our small cars but unlikely for a few years, aircraft can now land at invisible airfields thanks to the aid of instrument landing systems, on approach they may not be able to see the Airport but they know where it is and if they trust to their landing instruments, in the last few seconds before touchdown they can take over should they wish.

The in the old days due to the air-pollution it was almost impossible to breath in the smog, and this conditions still applies in China where their pollution problem is as bad as it ever was in Europe, the people there are obliged to wear breathing masks as soon as the weather closes in, and because of the increasing industrialization it will be a long time before there is much improvement, until 1960 nearly every house on the continent of Europe had a coal fire as a means of heating.

Nowadays if you are home and the weather closes in our best advice is to stay home and not attempt to travel, as the Internet improves more and more, people are able to work from home more often, and this allows companies to diversify away from the city centers, this has the double benefit of saving the waste in traveling time and cutting down on the air pollution, let us hope that more companies adopt this pattern of working.

At the end of my time of working for somebody else I was traveling 25 miles to work, a round trip of 50 miles a day, and there are some people who travel much further, the improvement in public transport has made this a little less strenuous and frustrating, if you can see a way where it might be possible for you to work from home, I suggest you discuss it with your colleagues and if you get support from them, you should put the idea to your management for consideration.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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