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April 21st 2017


An iceberg ran aground over Easter weekend just off the small Newfoundland town of Ferryland, population 465, drawing knots of tourists eager to catch a glimpse.

Some are locals or travelers who happened to be nearby, but many are a special Canadian breed, the iceberg chaser — people who flock to the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland at this time of year hoping to see the huge frozen chunks of broken glacier that drift by on a stretch of sea known as Iceberg Alley.

The berg at Ferryland rises about 15 stories above the waterline — and that is only about 10 percent of its mass. Some of the submerged ice comes into view when the berg is seen from above.

Jan 26th 2017

London could face flurries of snow on Friday, forecasters warned as they urged drivers to be careful.

Temperatures are expected to remain low as a band of rain, sleet and snow moves north across southeastern parts of England.

The MetOffice warned: "Amounts of snow are likely to be trivial, but any rain falling onto already sub-zero surfaces could lead to ice developing in places, particularly on untreated roads and pavements."

A yellow weather warning has been issued for the south east and east of the country between 4am and 10am, warning rush-hour drivers to be careful on the roads.

"Icy patches are possible at first on Friday morning, which may lead to difficult driving conditions on untreated roads and slippery conditions on pavements," forecasters added.

The snow is expected to stop later in the day, leading to a rise in temperatures and some rain.


— Met Office (@metoffice) January 26, 2017


Ice Storm Damage

Ice is another menace of the winter weather, it makes transport difficult if not impossible, you cannot walk without fear of falling over, black ice on the road causes many road accidents and when it collects on power lines is a major cause of blackouts, it damages harvests and many trees collapse under the weight, old style sailing ships were very often capsized and today fishing trawlers operating in the extreme cold have to continually clear the decks for safe working.

On the good side it is very useful for preserving food and cooling our drinks, the slippery conditions are a source of endless fun, sports and amusement for children and adults alike, skating and hockey in the rink would never be the same without it.

In the days before domestic refrigerators were common you have to your supplies from a manufacturing plant and their delivery men would deliver huge blocks straight to your dwelling, you can still buy bags of cubes usually from machines at garages, if you want more than your domestic refrigerator can easily provide when you want to cool your drinks at barbecues.

The global warming that we are experiencing has a peculiar effect on the ice shelves of the arctic and the Antarctic, strangely the arctic is losing ice rapidly and in contrast the Antarctic ice is actually increasing, nobody really knows why this is happening, there are still operating large ships known as ice breakers, very powerful vessels specially designed to ride up over the flows and then the weight of the vessel causes it to collapse, thus creating a passage which more normal ships can navigate.

The freezing of water between the cracks in the rocks on the side of a mountain and the expansion that results is the cause of many landslides, deaths and injuries in consequence, the method has even been used in quarries to break up blocks of stone, the human body suffers badly if exposed to extremely low temperatures even for short periods, the extremities that freeze lose their blood supply and we soon have a condition known as frostbite

Most motorists are aware of the troubles that low temperature and ice can bring, you can prepare your vehicle so that these problems are minimised if you click on the link above you will get many useful tips and instructions that will help you through this process.

The lower picture is a view showing that only one tenth of the berg is above the surface.


Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television, or maybe you haven’t got those devices on or you may be away from home.

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