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lottery system progress

The backroom boys have not given up

Backroom boys lottery forecaster progress

There is one system that has worked fine for about 800,000 lucky people and that is 


Feb 11th 2016

After months of me pestering them they finally admit that they are close to producing a system, I shall keep on but I'm not holding my breath.

June 26th 2015


After much research and a lot of discussion I have come to the following conclusions, The lottery must be considered a threat, it is a threat to your financial situation, your long-term happiness, your health and in lots of cases your family welfare.

It is true that some people do win vast amounts of money but the odds are so incredibly long that the chances are that you personally will get nothing but disappointment.

So my advice to everybody is to resist the temptation to play the lottery, or for that matter any other form of gambling, save your money for a rainy day and at the end of the year you can calculate how much your abstinence has saved you in real hard cash.

In May

I requested a report from the backroom boys on any progress

this is what they said

they decided the only logical way is to devise a system based on the law of averages.

It is a well-known fact that the law of averages does work, the only unknown is when.

What we need to know is what items bias a particular system, and how.

Take for instance a common dice, if it is well made with 6 sides the chances of it showing a particular number will be one in six and whether it shows an even or odd number will be


You know we consider a spinner with seven sides the chances of it showing a particular number will be one in 7, but there will be more odd numbers than even numbers so the chances of the number being

odd will be 4 to 3.

This is known as a bias

the most common lottery chooses numbers from 1 to 59 this gives us a bias towards odd numbers

of 30 to 29, this must be allowed for in any automatic system.

The generation of random numbers by computer is not as easy as it sounds, you should refer to Wikipedia and search engines using random numbers as a search.

Years of research has gone into this seemingly simple operation.

To sum up we need a source showing the history of any selected lottery system,

if we are going to use these results we need to be able to select a start date and a finish date

we need to allow for any bias

we need to determine the frequency of any number and list results in a database

with a ranking system for each number

using the law of averages we can then say the number that has been drawn less frequently is more likely to be drawn next we can test the efficiency of this method by running a program which records the rank from the previous run of each result.

This should produce results like this

run number result rank

224 36 9

225 29 5

226 16 26


the crucial thing is what is the average of the rank numbers if it is working, this will be indicated by the average being significantly low.

Now it only remains for us to tweak the system until we are satisfied that we can get

the average as low as possible.

Well that certainly gives us something to think about.

Check back to this page regularly and I'll tell you how they are getting on.

Oct 26th 2017

Working on a new simplified forecaster, it will only do the lucky stars.

more news soon

its working fa-lottery-forecaster.siterubix.com


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