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The weight control novel
is published as
No More Obesity
by James Dolittle


This is the story of Tom Baxter a brilliant research scientist working in the nanotechnology industry,

When Tom realises that all his family are becoming overweight he puts his mind to solving the problem by using the technology that he works with and after much research he finds a formula that could solve the worldwide problem of obesity.

Feeling nervous but confident he tries the encapsulated Nano particles on himself for a short while and then he recruits the rest of his family and a few of their friends.

Sharing the good news with a helpful fellow scientist called Nick turns out to be a disaster, as the poor man’s life was in turmoil, his debts, gambling and drug taking were rapidly taking over his life, thinking that he could use the discovery of Tom’s capsules to his own advantage he quietly arranged to supply the local drug barons with thousands of the magic capsules for sale to addicts as drug enhancers.

Over the next few weeks Tom’s family, his personal lab rats, were suffering no ill effects and they were all steadily losing weight, Tom’s wife Gill was careful to serve the family the same diet as they had consumed previously, and for Susan’s 15th birthday barbecue she provided the usual superb array of food.

Susan was the most thoughtful of Tom’s four children, she was concerned with the climate change, the starvation in the world, and lots of other things that most teenagers dismiss as not their problem.

Then another mystery develops as Nick disappears and Tom has to confess to his bosses that he has been carrying out unofficial experiments, thinking that his world is coming to an end Tom attends a board meeting to hear his fate, but all turns out well the other board members checking Tom’s results get so carried away with the idea of making millions from Tom’s idea that they promote him to a place at the boardroom table.

One of Tom’s co-conspirators who is heavily in debt comes to the conclusion that blackmailing Tom to keep the secret is the way out of her financial problems but Mavis could be wrong.

Tom’s family has to endure the company medicals that are looking for ill effects from the medicines they have been consuming now for some weeks.

The drug barons have located Nick Berisford and arranged to do a deal, he can only do this if he can get back into his old employment, with Tom’s elevated position in the company he manages to get Nick reinstated and the deal goes through.

While Nick has been away Tom has been working on the Berisford family and has cured young Nancy’s anorexia and her younger brother Bert’s addiction to marijuana.

The Baxter's celebrate by holding a giant barbecue and Susan invites her new boyfriend called Henry Bates who turns out to be the son of the local drug Baron, an altogether bad character who steals Tom’s eldest son’s girlfriend, Claire, then he drugs and rapes her.

Susan starts a club in school with the aim of doing something about climate change and generally improving the world for children in the future.

The drug Baron is killed by a doorstep shooting as he answers the door.

With massive sales of the product, the prospect of worldwide obesity being under control, the blackmailer arrested and the killer awaiting trial I think we can say all is well that ends well.

No More Obesity is published by Amazon and Smashwords who have several other books that I have written not covered by Amazon

Author James Dolittle


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