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overpopulation is it a problem we can solve?

We must avoid overpopulation.

The best reason that I can come up with for advising you not to have children, is that nobody can guarantee the safety of the world, not even for the next 10 years, let alone the hundred-year-lifespan predicted for a child born in the near future.

Indications are that if we are to achieve a measure of change that will have any effect on the damage we are doing to the climate, civilisation will have to drastically improve its carbon emissions, and one way we can do that is to take off all restrictions on clean energy, close all coal-fired power stations and replace them with nuclear facilities.

Make the polluter pay needs to be more than a motto, it needs to be realistically enforced so that it’s cheaper to burn the proper fuel and not pay the fine, than it is to burn the cheaper dirtier carbon rich refinery sludge.

Do you believe that we should try to restrict population growth

Should we do this by inducements or restrictions

Should sterilisation be a free option

Should anybody that wants to die be allowed euthanasia

There are numerous articles about the Catholic Church’s view on contraception, I haven’t read one yet that gets to the point, that it was the churches desire to increase the Catholic population that prompted them to make this law in the first place.

Many of the developed countries are voluntarily having smaller families, I don't think this is because they worry about the number of people in the world, it is I think, more a question of economics, children are very expensive. If you add up the cost of rearing one child and giving it a reasonable education it comes to many thousands of pounds.

When you think about it, it's a wonder anybody has any children at all, but then again, people don't think about it, and once it's done, it's done, then I suppose the philosophy is well we have one child, we might as well have another one straight away, then we can bring them up together.

If you look up on the Internet and see who mothered the most children you get some amazing statistics and you wonder how it could be at all possible, then do the same and see who fathered the most children, this is certainly much easier task but the figures are still amazing.

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we can advise the World is part of a Global Operation to keep you informed. And tell you what to do to keep you and yours safe.

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