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Rip-tides will kill you

Aug 22nd news from Thailand

PHUKET: -- A French woman drowned after swimming in a red-flag zone on Nai Thon Beach on Saturday afternoon. 

Anne Sophie Marie Torrijos-Faisant, 23, reportedly drowned as her friends looked on. They were unable to help as she was dragged out to sea by a rip current.

“We were told that Ms Torrijos-Faisant was swimming with her friends when she was dragged 30 meters offshore,” said Sakoo Police Lt Thanakan Utchanarassamee. “It took about 20 minutes for the lifeguards to find her, but it was too late to save her, and she was pronounced dead-on-arrival at Thalang Hospital.” 


If you are on the beach watch out for rip-tides, swimming and enjoying the surf is one thing but you must be very careful of these wave conditions called rip currents, the breaking surf throws masses of water up onto the beach and it has to find its way back to the open sea.

It does this by forming rivers of water between the waves, these rivers can be running very fast out to sea and will carry careless swimmers into danger, see diagram, you must not try to swim against the returning water, the rip current, it is much better to swim parallel to the shore and let the breakers assist you back to the beach.

Rip tides are dangerous because they look so inoffensive and unless you are warned or know the local conditions you can be easily deceived into thinking that this is a safe swimming beach, there are usually signs put up to warn you if the beach is dangerous but you won’t find them in isolated areas

One of the problems is they can carry away people that are novis swimmers and they can be easily carried out of their depth by a rip current even if it’s not very strong, if you don’t swim well finding yourself away from the shore can be a frightening experience.

Novis  swimmers will often panic in the circumstances which makes their  rescue even more difficult, trying to get them to do what they have to do to help themselves is nearly impossible, and many a life has been lost in these circumstances.

So some basic hints and tips, you should not go swimming alone, you should make inquiries about the area you are swimming in, you should get trained in first aid and swim rescue procedures and you should study the diagram above until you know exactly how to save yourself should you be caught in a rip current.

it is a good policy for everyone to have some basic knowledge of what is known as CPR, which is an easy to learn life-saving system which you can learn at your first aid classes or on the Internet,you are never too old to learn this basic procedure, you never know when it will come in handy.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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