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April 8th 2017

A professional surfer was in a serious condition in hospital on Thursday after he was mauled by a sharks off the Australian east coast.

Brett Connellan was flown by helicopter to a Sydney's St. George Hospital after he was attacked on Wednesday evening, 75 metres to the south off a beach near Kiama in New South Wales.

The 22-year-old, who did not see the sharks approaching, sustained injuries to a thigh and a hand in the attack off Bombo Beach and was helped to shore by a fellow surfer.

Beachgoers rushed to help after hearing the screams from the water. Terry Morrow, an Ambulance Service spokesman, said they saved Mr Connellan's life by applying a tourniquet to his upper thigh before paramedics reached the scene.

"He had lost a large proportion of his left thigh, and the quad muscle was torn away right down to the bone," Mr Morrow told the newspaper.

"He could've bled to death before we arrived on scene. He was very lucky the members of the public were there and acted as they did. They saved his life, to tell you the truth."

Experts were examining his wounds to determine the shark's size and species.

Donna Wishart, NSW Surf Life Saving spokeswoman, said "dawn and dusk can be risk periods" for such attacks, but noted shark bites were "still extremely rare".

She said lifeguards and volunteers would put up signs on Thursday alerting swimmers at Bombo Beach of the attack.

Last year there were 18 attacks in Australia – the most since 2009, when there were 22. In New South Wales, there were 13 shark attacks last year, including a fatal one on a Japanese surfer.


Always swim safe, avoid sharks, avoid swimming alone, take note of the local news and inquire if there is any danger, attacks are very rare but they do happen, if  you are warned that there are some in the area then and heed the warning and do not put yourself at risk.

If you are attacked by one there is very little that you can do, but  you can try to punch it on the nose and go for the eyes which are vulnerable, if you hear the cry shark then get out of the water as fast as you can.

The word itself for me is scary and dangerous as I have grown up watching all sorts of films about the dangers, and fatalities that it gives to humans, but it is important to know more about them as we mostly believe that all of them attack and kills humans.

We can clarify that, only a few that are dangerous to humans and out of more than 480 species only four are responsible for two-digit number of fatal unprovoked attacks on humans.

The great white, tiger, bull and white tip. We would like you and your family safe all the time, so we are giving important things to consider to prevent these attacks.

We would like you to always be updated with the news especially attacks in your area.

If swimming, surfing or diving we advise you

DON’T DO IT ALONE do it with partner or group.

If you see a sign of danger we advise you

to HEED THE WARNING. Do not put yourself at risk.

          We would like you to stay safe all the time and we suggested that you avoid the infested areas such as murky waters, harbour entrances, sewage, channels, and steep drop-offs.

          We would like you to remember the times when they are most active so we recommend you to stay out of the water at night and during dawn and dusk.

          Avoid those adventurous people who like to see and swim with them, we also advise you to carry a weapon like a spear-gun or pole-spear and be vigilant.

          Dress appropriately and stick to dull swimwear and wetsuits because the bright or flashy colors with high contrast can attract them and we advise you to avoid wearing any jewellery as the reflection of light may attract these animals.

          Refrain from excessive splashing and move your pet out from the water they swim erratically and that can attract danger.

          Provoking them is not a wise thing to do. We ask you to never even try.

          If you are bleeding stay out of the water as much as you can.

          In a bad situation and the animal is drawing near to you. We advise you to stay still as possible and if it comes too close punch it on the nose and also try to damage its eyes, stay out of the water as much as you can.

          If bitten try to stop bleeding first and get medical treatment immediately.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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we advise the World

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