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avoiding snakes

August 11 2017

Take particular note of this good advice.

With the onset of warmer weather. It will quite likely be a bigger problem in the future.

Snakes in general are shy creatures, and will get out of your way if possible

do not tease them. You may live to regret it, or you may die regretting it

Most people find it hard to believe that snakes have fanciers that sometimes keep them in their houses as pets.

This is a picture of the damage caused by a snakes bite I have deliberately chosen some moderate damage but there are some ghastly pictures on Google.

There are many types of snakes and lots of different legless lizards the difference is that the Lizards have eyelids and ears so are easily distinguished, snakes come in all sizes from very small to the giant Anacondas and can be colored from all black to bands of various colors, their habitats range from deserts to tropical forests, from grass to trees and there are many water snakes.

Not all snakes are venomous but most are, boa constrictors kill their prey by squeezing the life out of them, the prey usually die from suffocation, the venom of most types of snakes are different but they have some similarities, some just rot the flesh away and others attack the nervous system and stop the heart.

Medical help is very good these days if you can get to the hospital in time they may carry stocks of antivenin, but it’s best if they know what type of snake attacked you, there are many different snakes and many types of antivenin, it is interesting how they produce this antivenin they do it by injecting an animal, a cow or a goat with a diluted shot of venom again and again until the animal produces enough antibodies, these are then collected and processed and made into antivenin, the main difficulty is there are so many varieties.

The first aid treatment is to immobilise the affected area with a splint if possible and elevate the area above the heart level then immediately go to the nearest hospital and telephone to warn them of your arrival, take a photograph if possible of the snake identification purposes, the hospital might advise you to go to another treatment centre where they have better snakebite facilities.

You will find snakes in nearly every country of the world the few exceptions that I'm aware of are Ireland and New Zealand, banana growers actually encourage snakes because they kill the rats that eat the bananas, many countries in the East enjoy eating snakes as part of their normal diet along with dogs, frogs, insects and practically anything else they can catch.

You should take sensible precautions when walking in the countryside in grass or woods, do not wear open toe sandals, protect your legs with some substantial trousers and if necessary secure several layers of newspaper around your lower legs, make a noise as you walk along, most snakes will hear you coming and get out of your way. This sort of protection is also good for ticks another nasty little pest.

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