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    May 19, 19 10:29 AM

    Air-pollution is detroying our hibitat

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    May 12, 19 03:34 PM

    Mednews announcements of latest treatments, medicines and discoveries

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    Apr 28, 19 05:19 PM

    obesity is a growing problem worldwide.

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The rest of the world needs your help, no, I don't want you to put your hand in your pocket and give me loads of money,just a little will do. it's more a question of moral support, no I don't want you to join a protest and stand with a placard outside the town hall, all I am asking you to do,is to let me borrow your finger for not more than half a second.

Please support buzcall by taking this simple course of action, if you have read a page that you found interesting, informative or just plain amazing. Would you please go to the bottom of the page and click on one of the social media link buttons to share the page with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or Pinterest or Tumblr or Reddit. we would be more than delighted if you do more than one should you wish to. But please help the cause. Remember our slogans.

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         Let no one die in ignorance

The more people that read our pages. The more knowledge there is being spread amongst the population . The more prepared people will be to face up to the challenges that nature, life in general, and what fate decides will come our way.

If you want to appear knowledgeable, just slip into the conversation an unusual fact that you have picked up from browsing the wealth of knowledge that is contained on this site, but don't forget to tell them where you got your facts from, more than 17500 pages were viewed last month, share as much as you can and ask your  friends to do the same, let's see how high we can get that number in the coming months.

Question yourself why aren’t I supporting buzcall.com it does good work it’s free and it helps thousands of people, but I read the pages, accept that it’s valuable information, then I go onto something else without even pressing the like button when I could so easily share on my social media with the click of a button.

Is it because buzcall is always telling you that you should do this, and do that and if you don’t do the preparations suggested here you’ll be in trouble.

Buzcall is full of suggestions and advice, you don’t have to do any of it, but if there is just one of the items suggested that you take heed of, then I’m happy, I agree, to comply with all of the suggestions would leave you with no time to do anything else, be sensible if you never swim in the sea you don’t have to worry about shark attacks, if you live in Europe tornadoes are not much of a threat and driving on ice is not something to worry about if you live in India.

Then of course there’s the language problem buzcall is in English, but not everybody speaks English, if I had more help it could be translated into whatever language you speak, any volunteers?

Why don’t you submit a page on the subject of your choice, and if it’s suitable I will put it up and give you an author’s credit notation, there are thousands of different threat subjects for you to choose from and practically nothing is out of bounds, if you want to do a page on penguins or termites then you can choose, on reflection penguins are not much of a threat.

If you download this leaflet and print a copy that you can display on your premises, if you email me the address I can give you  a mention and perhaps a picture of your shop if you send it to me, this will appear on a new supporters page.

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