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Tornado or Twister

Feb 14th 2017

A New Orleans mother managed to hold on to her 8-week-old daughter as a tornado tossed them into the air Tuesday.

Amanda Stockfelt was working at an impound lot near NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility when a storm began ravaging the area. She heard the sounds of an incoming tornado.

"We heard the trailer coming apart and then we flipped over backwards and then it's like the trailer exploded and me and the baby went flying through the air and I saw the sky, the inside of the vortex, I saw her and her car seat above my head and then we hit the ground," Stockfelt told WVUE.

 "Don't let go, just don't let go, that's all I could think about was don't let go. I couldn't think of anything else because I knew if I let go I wouldn't be able to find her."

Stockfelt is now concerned with replacing what she's lost, but she explained she's also grateful that her daughter is safe.

"It's just inconceivable. I couldn't imagine, I mean, I'm thinking my job's gone, the only car we had is gone, but she was OK, I was OK, and everything else can be replaced," Stockfelt said.

At least seven tornadoes struck southeastern Louisiana Tuesday.

Roughly 20 people were injured and 10,000 area residents were left without power.

Gov. John Bel Edward assessed the damage and made a disaster declaration for the 9th Ward.

Thursday, May26th 2016

Reports are coming in from unusual places of tornado storms they have never had before

Community works to rebuild after tornado hits Lancaster County USA

Thursday, February 25, 2016 11:52PM


The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday a tornado is to blame for the damage left by Wednesday night's storms in Lancaster County.

The tornado is rated an EF2 with winds estimated at 120-125 mph. Damage is concentrated to an area 4.7 miles long, 400 yards wide.

It caused an estimated $8 million in damage.

Lancaster County officials say up to 50 buildings were damaged, and many of those impacted were members of the Amish community.

By Thursday morning, Amish families from miles away arrived to help rebuild.

They say they plan to repair those structures that are still sound and tear down others, like a heavily-damaged, one-room school house. They plan to start building a new school house on Friday.

A tornado can happen anywhere in World but certain areas are more prone for them to form, one known in particular is in North America and it is known as storm alley, you can get very good pictures and videos of these storms which are supplied by people known as storm chasers, these twisters do a tremendous amount of damage destroying whole towns and large areas because they can be anything up to a mile wide, if you are in an area prone to these storms it is wise to take the precaution of building yourself a storm proof cellar, many people have emerged from these shelters to find their whole house has gone.

Tremendously powerful, they will pick up cars with ease and sometimes trucks and semitrailers, people and animals are often killed by being carried aloft, this swirling mass of debris traveling at hundreds of miles an hour will damage or destroy anything in its path.

There are a few signs to look out for that might warn you of such a storm about to approach or form, if you notice that everything is deathly quiet you should take note and be more observant of what is about you, if you see in the distance objects flying through the air and all you might hear a long low rumble like thunder without any breaks, be cautious.

Very often the storm conditions preceding an event will give you heavy precipitation of rain and maybe hailstones, you may see small swirling masses called dust devils before the storm, if a funnel forms over water then often a Waterspout develops which can pick up masses of water together with fish and frogs or any other aquatic debris

These are very serious storms some of the most violent that nature can produce, if you hear a tornado warning do not be blasé about it, act quickly to protect you and your family, the annual death toll in the United States alone approaches 100 and injuries total in their thousands. Injuries are manly caused by flying debris

We advise you to plan ahead, rehearse with your family what you will do if the warning sounds and who will be responsible for the family pets, move as quickly as possible to the underground shelter that you will have prepared according to instructions if you have been wise enough to listen.

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

For further information see www.http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/news

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