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Traffic Gridlock

August 11th 2017

I am sure that you will agree that the traffic problem is getting worse almost everywhere in the world.

In my previous post I did ask if anybody had any brilliant ideas to solve the problem, I did not get much response.

I think it is all tied in with the population explosion there are just too many people and as a result, too many cars.

I gave up driving for a few years but it had little effect.

Come on, get your brains to work.

We are relying on you

Traffic jams, gridlocks, snarl-ups and many other names can be given to the situation where there are thousands of cars and other traffic stationary on the highway or they may be crawling along at a few miles an hour, they waste an enormous amount of time and thousands in terms of monetary units as well as a colossal amount of fuel which then produces devastating amounts of pollution, altogether they have a very bad effect on the climate and global warming.

So where do we start, build more roads, experience has shown that if you build more roads you get more snarl-ups, I find this a little hard to believe and I expect it is more to do with economics, toll roads are a good idea but only from the point of view that they split the vehicles along different routes, many ideas of been tried such as inner city charges and this works well to reduce the inner city congestion, I think the best policy is to improve railways and other public transport, staggering school holidays would also ease some congestion.

A lot can be done with better flow control systems, synchronized control lights are a great idea and pedestrian bridges and underpasses allow the vehicles to make better progress, centralized congestion control is being adopted in some cities and the use of dedicated parking rather than let roadside parking cause delays is a good idea, wherever possible one way streets improve the flow and reduce the severity of accidents.

Satellite navigation systems are a great idea to show you the best way round possible traffic queues and accidents that are delaying traffic, they are not always perfect and they can give you some very amusing results at times but on the whole very useful.

It is a problem that some of the best brains have been grappling with for decades, and there is no solution in sight, any gains we might see in greater efficiency is offset by the greater numbers, if you have any ideas on how to solve any of these problems or even help solve them we would be only too pleased to consider your ideas with a possible view to publication,you can submit copy on the form on the bottom of Other Threats

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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