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Waterways Contamination

Acid Seas Now we know the cause.

Read the item below on shipping contamination

We need information such as:-

Which oil companies supply this dangerous oil, what is it called,what is the current situation,please write to your environment  minister, are you a Greenpeace member ask them about it, oil company shareholder are you aware, any information please send to ceo@global-warnings.com

Our waterways are used by many production facilities as cooling water for their manufacturing process, it can be the case that the water use for cooling becomes accidentally contaminated by the process, but all too often the thought process is "we don’t want that throw it in the river", manufacturers and individuals are constantly being fined for this sort of pollution.

In lots of cases lakes that are closed systems gets so polluted that there is no life able to exist in their toxic water, creatures that live in water are in a very precarious position.

Even our seas and oceans are becoming more acidic and the pollution by plastic that is not biodegradable is serious, because it gets broken up into small pieces, which are then eaten by the sea creatures and because it is indigestible it remains in the animal very often proving fatal.

Unfortunately it is not only the plastic in the sea water that is killing our sea creatures, due to the atmospheric pollution the rain that falls on the sea is more acidic than it has ever been, this is making the sea itself too acid for some of the sea creatures to tolerate.

A lot of this atmospheric pollution is manmade and whilst some authorities are taking measures to reduce the amount of pollution entering the atmosphere there is still a lot to be done.

I was amazed and disgusted to read the article, which is reproduced on this site in the air-pollution section, which quotes that one giant container ship puts out as much pollution as five million automobiles.

And the remedy for this appalling disregard of the environment is quite simple, they just need to spend more money by using a better fuel supply.  Just who is controlling this situation and why have they not done something about it.  Read the article and you will see.

Fred Pearce is an environmental consultant to New Scientist magazine He reveals that the super-ships that keep the West in everything from Christmas gifts to computers pump out killer chemicals linked to thousands of deaths because of the filthy fuel they use. 

We've all noticed it. The filthy black smoke kicked out by funnels on cross-Channel ferries, cruise liners, container ships, oil tankers and even tugboats. 

It looks foul, and leaves a brown haze across ports and shipping lanes. But what hasn’t been clear until now is that it is also a major killer, probably causing thousands of deaths in Britain alone.

As ships get bigger, the pollution is getting worse. The most staggering statistic of all is that just 16 of the world’s largest ships can produce as much lung-clogging sulfur pollution as all the world’s cars. 

Because of their colossal engines, each as heavy as a small ship, these super-vessels use as much fuel as small power stations. 

But, unlike power stations or cars, they can burn the cheapest, filthiest, high-sulfur fuel: the thick residues left behind in refineries after the lighter liquids have been taken. The stuff nobody on land is allowed to use, hence air-pollution.

Thanks to decisions taken in London by the body that polices world shipping, this pollution could kill as many as a million more people in the coming decade – even though a simple change in the rules could stop it.

There are now an estimated 100,000 ships on the seas, and the fleet is growing fast as goods are ferried in vast quantities from Asian industrial powerhouses to consumers in Europe and North America. 

The recession has barely dented the trade. This Christmas, most of our presents will have come by super-ship from the Far East; ships such as the Emma Maersk and her seven sisters Evelyn, Eugen, Estelle, Ebba, Eleonora, Elly and Edith Maersk. 

Each is a quarter of a mile long and can carry up to 14,000 full-size containers on their regular routes from China to Europe.  And the cause of much air-pollution

Please read this devastating article
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1229857/How-16-ships-create-pollution-cars-world.html#ixzz3PAWfpjEl 
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Go to http://www.vesselfinder.com/ to see where they are now

Fortunately with modern communication systems these dangerous situations can be monitored easily and warnings issued by local government, civil defense, police, local radio and television.

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